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Bar Mitts Mountain/Commuter/Flat Bar - Small/Medium

Bar Mitts are waterproof, neoprene and easily installed or removed for temperature changes. Keep your hands warm on cold or wet days!
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- Waterproof, 4.5mm thick neoprene with nylon lamination on each side
- Neoprene has a closed cell construction that features closed air bubbles that serve as insulators
- Allows one to use thinner gloves versus heavy gloves that get wet due to overheating
- Thinner gloves provide better dexterity, so braking and shifting are easily accomplished
- Bar Mitts stay open, allowing easy access & removal of hands
- Those who suffer from Raynaud's or numb/cold hands can be comfortable and warm
- Mitts are easily installed or removed for temperature changes
- Can open zipper to cool off if you get overheated
- Black, pair